Selling to Caterkids

Thank you for considering selling to Caterkids!

We understand that raising a family costs money and the kids eventually grow out of everything - some never used!  Sell them to Caterkids and turn your unused items into cash!  The process of selling is quick and hassle-free.  Buyers are available daily, weekends too!  See below for buyer hours.  Normally takes about 15 minutes once the buyer begins reviewing your items and you receive same day cash! 

Buyer Hours:  Wed-Sun 10am - 3pm




Selling Tips:

1. Sign in at the Seller Check-in Log located at the front counter.  They may or may not have you bring in your items to sell just yet.  You'll be able to bring in your items when it's your turn.  If you just have one bag of clothing the buyers can check your bag in and will start reviewing it when it's your turn.  Unfortunately, if you do bring in your large items and they are reviewing other customer's items, you will be asked to take them back to the car and wait until your name is called.  We're limited in space, don't want to mix anything up and we can't be responsible for your things when we're not looking at them.

2. Clean items get higher offers, if Caterkids has to clean it, a cleaning fee will apply

3. Battery operated merchandise require working batteries or battery fees will apply

4. Caterkids accepts one large bag (shopping tote bags or reusable bags works great!) of clothing per day/per family.  If you have smaller bags we can accept two.  Sorry no trash bags. This limit is to ensure your wait is limited.  Could you image if the person ahead of you brought in 5 large bags?  You'd be waiting at least an hour or so.  We feel that is too long for anyone to wait.

5. Customers don't purchase stained or faded clothing, therefore, Caterkids does not buy them.  It's a great idea to sort through what you have to sell and bring in the items of the best quality regardless of price.  It will minimize your trips to sell and maximize your payouts!

6. We typically look to purchase items manufactured within 5 years.  Items over 5 years old are at the buyers discretion.  Safety is always the main concern. 

7.  As of July 1, 2018 we will no longer be buying USED bodysuits/onesies.  We will continue to purchase them as new/unused items. 

Here at Caterkids we take so much pride in knowing that there are so many families that truly appreciate all the sellers, as it is those families that make it possible for other families to enjoy baby items and other necessities that they would normally not be able to afford...but also not to leave out baby stuff is expensive and it's nice to get a little back!


How Much Money Will You Receive?

Based on the estimated resale value determined by Caterkids, you can expect to receive up to 50% of the selling price!

You are never obligated to our offer, you can accept it or decline it, we are here to offer you a fair offer.  Please let us know should you have any questions or concerns as we value your business and respect your opinions!


Payout Breakdown:

Clothing/Footwear & Accessories:  30% Cash / 45% Store Credit

Small Toys/Books/DVDs:  30%-40% Cash or Store Credit

Large Toys, Baby Gear & Furniture:  50% Cash or Store Credit

There are a few things that Caterkids is not allowed to resell, those would include items with hygienic or safety concerns.  Some of them are but not limited to, car seats and bases, full-size wooden cribs, crib bedding, used diaper pails and other items with potential safety or hygienic concerns.  Any items we are unable to purchase we can have them donated for you.  Please call 808-845-5575 or see a sales associate for details.

Sorry, selling to Caterkids is limited to the in-store location at this time.  We are working diligently to have selling by mail launched soon! :)

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